Model labor Yang ruixiong: an excellent practitioner of "innovation-driven"
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Great work honors all models of labor. In the "may" international labor day is coming, our city and a number of advanced individuals and collective won the national, provincial labor MEDALS, labor awards and national labor pioneers and other honorary titles. Although they come from all walks of life, they all share a common characteristic. With their practical actions, they have created a great spirit of model workers who love their jobs, strive for excellence, have the courage to innovate, and are willing to make contributions.
In order to further promote a model of the advanced deeds, carry forward the spirit of labor model, spread the positive energy, starting today, we launched "labor model elegant demeanor", reported the city a group of advanced deeds of advanced individual and collective, mobilize the calls on the whole city general workers to enhance the sense of mission and sense of responsibility, with a model for example, to "build the consciousness of guangdong, in the construction of a new happiness jieyang" achievements, again. Please note to the vast number of readers.
Since the city's fifth party congress, with the vigorous implementation of the "innovation-driven" strategy, the city's scientific research field fruitful. In 2012, the patented technology "outdoor antenna" independently developed by puning yuanfeng electric appliance co., ltd. won the 14th "China patent gold award". This is our city so far only won the gold medal patent technology, the news came, caused a great sensation in the industry. With the help of this technology, yuanfeng's outdoor antenna breaks through the pattern of developed countries monopolizing the high-end wireless market for a long time, making its products successfully sold to more than 30 countries in Europe and America, and establishing good cooperative relations with more than 20 excellent enterprises in the world's top 500 enterprises.
Every achievement of scientific and technological innovation is inseparable from the efforts of researchers behind it. So, what kind of "behind-the-scenes hero" is yuanfeng company, a local private enterprise that was once unknown, becoming a leading domestic and foreign enterprise? The reporter came to puning yuanfeng company, understand the gold patent product developer, national May Day labor medal winner Yang ruixiong's deeds.
Start at the grassroots level and pursue innovation and excellence
After graduation from university, Yang ruixiong started as an ordinary technician and worked for more than ten years. In the technical post, Yang ruixiong has been dedicated to work for more than ten years. In the aspect of antenna product design and key breakthrough, he constantly surpasses himself, pursues innovation and strives to surpass the technical level of international peers. It is with a spirit of excellence, Yang Ruixiong led his team, innovative antenna design technology, independent research and development for more than 80 technology, access to more than 30 domestic patents, international patents, support company opening up the overseas market research, make the company become a leading domestic and international well-known high-tech enterprises in the field of antenna.
Breakthrough in key technologies, economic and social benefits double harvest
On the basis of applying for and obtaining dozens of domestic and foreign patent technologies, Yang ruixiong led the development of innovative technologies and won many social honors. 2012 was a bumper year for Yang ruixiong. His patented technology independently developed by him won the 14th "China patent gold award", and another patented technology product won the "best product of the year award" in Poland in 2012. Before that, in 2010, he won the "governor's cup" award for excellent industrial design in guangdong province. Due to his outstanding technical contribution, Yang ruixiong was awarded the title of "excellent expert and top talent of jieyang city" and won a heavy national May Day labor medal.
Few words of Yang ruixiong, talking about his professional will be like a few family treasures. According to him, the technology won the gold award for its clever design, which makes antenna installation without tools, reduces the danger of working at high altitude and overturns the traditional mode that antennas must be installed by professionals. Traditional antennas follow a cumbersome installation procedure that requires a professional installer and special tools and take at least an hour or two to assemble. But this patent product only needs one minute, can be installed by the consumer itself, brings the user the brand-new use experience. Moreover, the antenna volume is 45% smaller than the traditional antenna, which is more convenient for packaging and transportation, greatly reducing the transportation cost. With this outstanding technical characteristics, yuanfeng successfully entered the high-end antenna market in large quantities in Europe and America, completely breaking the monopoly of traditional local manufacturers.
To build a world-class enterprise in the field of antenna
In the process of patent development, Yang ruixiong put great efforts and energy, often forget to eat and sleep. In order to complete the research and development of antenna technology, he spent a year, repeatedly carried out design, evaluation and improvement from the perspectives of electronic technology, structural mechanics, materials, ergonomics, lean manufacturing and marketing, and accompanied by hundreds of tests and tests. After the invention of patented products, the market responded warmly. Yang ruixiong and his research and development team immediately developed four series of more than 30 products, including several special products for world brand owners, thus rapidly improving the popularity and status of patent implementing units in international counterparts. In the interview, Yang ruixiong told reporters, "strong technology, strong enterprise; Enterprise strong, strong country ", the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry is in the important stage, although the source of abundant company has developed into a leading domestic and international well-known professional television antenna manufacturing enterprises, but still need to continue to increase investment in technology research and development, to develop more independent intellectual property products, establish a continuous market core competitiveness, to build the company into a world-class enterprise "in the field of" antenna.
Under the glory halo, Yang ruixiong is never satisfied with his achievements. He is still at the forefront of technological innovation, carrying forward the past and leading the enterprise to accelerate transformation and upgrading. With this fighting spirit, I believe that in the near future, his name will be among the models of the transformation from "made in China" to "created in China".