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How to deal with the financial crisis?
Source: | Author:pmodcd779 | Published time: 2014-10-11 | 3164 Views | Share:
The world financial crisis has affected the world's real economy and international trade, and has had a significant impact on China's economy. China's economy fared better in the first quarter compared with the dismal picture of the world economy, but it is not yet rash to say that it is recovering. At present, China's employment situation is still very grim, the willingness of private investment is still not strong, the plight of small and medium-sized enterprises has not fundamentally changed, and electronic enterprises are still under the pressure of crisis.

In order to cope with the current financial crisis, many electronic enterprises in China have adopted the following clever measures.

Today, the Chinese market has become the most potential market in the world with a large capacity. In particular, to boost domestic demand, the central government has contributed 4 trillion yuan and put forward 10 measures to boost domestic demand. This provides conditions for China's small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises (including electronic small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises) to turn to the domestic market. Many small and medium-sized electronic foreign trade enterprises in China who have encountered temporary difficulties in export have quickly adjusted their business orientation and product structure to produce a large number of electronic products needed by the domestic market, such as consumer electronics manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers. In addition, the current electronic products to the countryside campaign, to alleviate the crisis of small and medium-sized enterprises has played a great role; At the same time, also carried out foreign trade products to domestic sales activities.

Under the influence of the current financial crisis, the world economy is in depression and the foreign trade situation is grim, which makes it more difficult for Chinese electronics enterprises to explore the international market. But it is in the face of difficulties that the hero shows his true colors. The more difficulties, the more forward, facing difficulties, this is after 30 years of reform and opening up, the true colors of huawei group in the world market. Huawei dare to face the music, and with its economic and technological strength, talent strength and wisdom, huawei entered the American market despite the financial crisis.

Huawei's entry into the U.S. telecom market has long been a goal of huawei, because the U.S. market is the mainstream market in the world, and the largest buyers of telecom equipment are mostly concentrated in North America, which accounts for half of global telecom spending each year. Although this mature market is difficult to penetrate, now is the best time to break through the U.S. market. That's because established equipment makers have been hurt by the financial crisis, making huawei's low prices attractive when everyone is short of money.

China's electronic enterprises should improve their own comprehensive strength, keep forging ahead, and develop by means of scientific and technological innovation.