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Qiaohua’s goodwill blossoms-- another Hope Primary School inaugurated
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Located in Longpan Village, Yulong County, Yunnan Province, the teaching buildings of Kaiyun Hope Primary School, were formally inaugurated on October 12, 2023. This project is another piece of the charity projects donated by Qiaohua Technology through the Yunpu Association Special Public Welfare Fund under the Yunnan Youth Development Foundation. The name ‘Kaiyun’ originates from the Chinese characters in the names of the founder of Qiaohua Technology, Mr.Yang Kaiyuan, and his wife, Mrs.Chen Jingyun.

The leaders of the Yulong Education & Sports Bureau and the representatives of the YunPu Association and Yunnan Youth Foundation attended the donation ceremony and unveiled the plaque for the Hope Primary School.The leaders of the Yulong Education and Sports Bureau expressed their heartfelt thanks to the organizations and individuals who support the development of rural education in Yulong County.

Since its establishment, Qiaohua Technology has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities and contributing to society by donating funds and goods for village education, local infrastructure construction, natural disaster rescues, and the care of elders and orphans. Especially, it has made a great effort in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and China’s poverty alleviation by donating money and offering solutions and suggestions.

Qiaohua's social welfare actions have been recognized by the relevant governmental departments. Therefore, it has been awarded with such honors as the Dedication Award for Poverty Eradication and the Outstanding Contribution Award for Combating the COVID-19 pandemic.